Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Snakehead luring stories ...

Capt with his Snakehead (Channa Striatus) di Lubok "ndadaorglaintauakunganyatau" hahahaha .... solid hook up!! The Scumfrog does the trick for him .. Congratz Capt ..
Meanwhile on a separate occasion & location, ive manage to land a baby Baramensis on Berkley 4" Power Lizard .. ehehe .. Cicak hero me nie ... memajal Baramensis lehnya .. ehehe ..though it was just juvenile size Snakehead .. at least i know the lure works perfectly well for me & also i manage to prove to myself these Snakehead will take on anything & i mean anything ..

***Sorry Capt sal lambat upload .. ehehe .. btw .. the Baramensis hunting took place a week before Ramadhan .. ***