Friday, October 14, 2011

It's been awhile ...

Hi fellow viewers and anglers ... it's been awhile since we've updated here .. wont be posting anytime soon in here .. but do follow us on Facebook .. Click "LIKE" to follow us at

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Papa don't preach ..

After so long B.P's been very quiet, finally he came out with a 700+grams Snakehead!! Huhuhuh .. Congratz B.P ..
Close up shot of both d fish & lure.
Seriously i'll be getting these soon .. hahaha .. memang bising nie lure satu ani .. huhuhuhuhu .. btw shAdeS` .. mana update mu ah??? jadi kah??

Friday, March 4, 2011

Kaki Pukul Muara Sungai

Mangrove Jack caught by Faiz on lure .. Congratz!!! Selunsong lapas, Ungah pun jadi tah .. haha .. Gtau Pg. ja .. kedia bila g update??? hahaha

Thursday, March 3, 2011


Mr Duo with his 1st Barra for 2011 .. Congratz once again Duo. Handdeeeellll!!!! What a warm welcome he receive from the fish.!!! =)

Mangrove Jack on IMA

Our very own Mr Duo (Pak Wahoo) catch at 7th Alley. He's back!!! (Atu gambar anaknya plng..ehehe ..)
Another shot of Jack on IMA Sasuke 75 Shad.
And another shot once again .. huhuhu .. Congratz Duo!!!!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Sebarau/ Barab/ Hampala Perch caught by Boeing at Lubok "Manchester". Congratz Boeing.

Snakehead on Superior Frog by T.K . Congratz once again T.K
Channa. Baramensis on Bakau grub. Hahaha .. T.K .. me kai cheat ja k.. hahaha ...

Sunday, February 20, 2011

My "Kutu Air" lure (Red Head Frog) did a superb job this time .. huhuhu .. Caught this fella at Lubok Pundul Biawak ... hahahaha ..2nd catch. This time its Addy's turn .. but at a different spot. Me & B.P discovered a swamp which look very promising to us and so .. ehehe .. apa lagi, test lure tarus la and almost instantly ada strike!!!
3rd catch which completes my hatrick on that day.As for this fella i believe itsone of Addy's very close lure competitor, the Siam Froggy with extended Prop .. and oh, im gona named this spot, "Lubok Asal cast saja, batuk beranti!!!" hahahahaha .. jgn marah kawan ku!!!

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The Baram family

Caught this very tiny yet vicious Snakehead (Channa Baramensis) on Siam Frog.

T.K manage to land his Snakehead on cheap Spoon + Grub on Trailer hook .. handeeelll ...
My Snakehead on Superior Frog .. Eat all you can!!! ;-)
Align Left
Finally after so long, my Addy got a solid strike .. huhuhuhuhu .. Hook Up!!

***Note: All fish caught were released immediately after taking pictures. KO25 landed 6 Snakehead, 2 by me and 1 by T.K. Huhuhu ..more updates to come .. So stay tuned***

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Special appearance by Sham of P.A.W (Pahang Anglers World) He manage to lure the Snakehead on his 3D Popper... ehehe ..
And Finally after so long "Kunpao" ahhhh .. manage to catch myself a Snakehead aswell .. let's hope the "catch drought" is over ..

T.K with his 1kg Barra @M.P.R .. ( Wah .. Dimebagz!!!! uahuahuahhua .. u brubah Dimebagz!!!) Congratz again T.K ... handeeeellllll ...

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Dalak lagi tp kali ani di Lubok Pipe Tagar...
2nd strike T.K with his Scumfrog Killer!!!
As Usual catch T.K casting sesi pagi .. kali ani Ungah di Lubok Kaki Basah daaa .... hahahaha ..

A 2.3KG Catfish a.k.a Bedukang cant resist T.K .. hahahahaha .. ko memang handellll!!! hahahaha .. manja ikan rah kedia nie .. casting @ LUBOK KAKI BASAH!!!! hahahaha ..
Manakala di sebelah ptg ...T.K strike lagi Dalak di Lubok Seluar ku Basah semasa memancing bersama KO25 .. hahahaha ...

LeL.A's 1st Tarpon .. Tarpon simply can't resist em Shad Rap. Congratz LeL.A

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A good size Jack caught by Rahim at Sungai 2. Make me jelesss ehhhhhh ... Congratzzz!!! Update terus menerus!!!!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Jungle Perch Feat Lucius

Uaad & his Perch again ... wohoooooooo .. he's on fire!!!! Barabmundi!!!!! arghhh!!! hahahaha ..
A 1.1kg mark Lucius ..check out those tummy .. congratzzz!!!!memang handellll!!!

T.K's favourite Scumfrog did it again .. another solid hookup ..
Good size Tarpon by T.K with another of his fav lure "Abg Rock" (Rapala Shad Rap) .. handeeeelllllllllllllllllll ................

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Lama punya cerita ...

shAdeS` with his Jack .. .. dasar!!! (bah ada kaja kosong rah kamu??)

Unc. Kermit bait was taken pretty rough by this Jack ..
And my Jack .. sorry baru tah teupload gambar ah.. fish was caught last year bulan 9 .. ehehehe

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

And so it begins ...

Oh yeah .. Scumfrog did the trick for T.K .. ehehe .. Another solid hook up .. Congratz T.K ..

Sunday, January 16, 2011

"Serigala" Sungai Labi

Serigala Sungai .. arghhhh!!! itching!!!!!!!! Uaad with his Perch!!! guess the weight??erm ..
His facial expression says it all .. ehehe .. Congratz Uuaddddd!!! ( Tunggu ko ah Barab ah .. awas ko!!! ) ehehehe

Barrabmundi Labi

The size that i've always envy .. Ayulz with his Hampala Perch/ Sebarau .. Congratz Yulzzz ..... handeeelll jua .. mcm B.P!!! ehehehe

Boo Lannnnnnnnnnn!!!!

Been awhile havent caught these specimen tho .. so decided to hunt for it & manage to get a good size Tarpon ..

T.K 1st ever Lucius!!! Congratz T.K .. ehehe .. he knows how "rude" these creature can be when it comes to "ambush kill" (hint: Scumfrog)
The other Siblings - Striata/ Stratus .. oh yeah this one definetely will take on almost anything ...

Believe me now??? anything .. ehehe ., a Juvee or Monster .. they will tell you in the face, "Bring it on" =)

Channa Lucius which took the Spinner bait .. Gotcha!!!! =)

Prawning session .. hahahah .. my 1st ever Prawning session and manage to land this "Galah" ehehe .. was skeptical about how exciting it can be to land this Galah .. n i must say a believer now!!! ;-)

B.P would definetely agree with me .. ahaha .. as he manage to land his 1st ever Galah aswell .. just a few minutes after me .. ehehe .. Thumbs up!!! Prawning is really exciting .. (oh hell yeah!! .. on noodle rod bebeh!!! )

T.K & his Jack .. seriously those Jack's simply cant resist him .. ehehe

Another Jack on Rapala SR ..=) see what i mean ... ehehehe .. handeeeeellll!!!! ehehehe

Anyhow, just wanna wish everyone a Happy New Year!!! sorry havent been updating since been caught up with tons of work .. after all my laptop pun rosak jua udah .. who cares anyway .. ehehe .. yeah .. again .. i will try my best to update d blog as updated as i can .. to tuan punya ikan .. rajin2x la email, tag, mms .. watever means la ok .. ehehe .. to shAdeS`bah jadi ko ah?? nda jua da update .. dah jua ku bari access .. ehehe .. last but now least, to all anglers, viewers, followers, etc, stay tuned with us .. will try our best to update d blog!!! =) Happy fishing season 2011 peeps!!!!