Tuesday, August 31, 2010

T.K is seriously on fire!!! A 1KG mark Mangrove Jack at 7th Alley!!! hahaha .. Seriously peeps.. im beginning to envy these dude!! Bum ... u makin handdeeelll!!! hahaha .. Congratzz!!! "Abg Rock" lure (Shad Rap Fire Tiger) memang ROCK!!! \m/ .. The fish totally ripped off the lure .. hahahaha .. sorry no pics peep ..ergh!!!! i'll be back Bum!!! hahahaha ..
And here's another one of our member who is also on fire!!! ehehe .. ko makin handeeeelll Ad .. hahaha .. to B.P, sabar saja .. monster got away .. keep on trying .. insyallah .. ada tu nanti .. anyway to both of you, get ur gears ready ... ehehehe .. the "HUNT FOR THE MONSTER FISH"date will be announce really2x soon ... ehehehe ...

Capt with his Snakehead (Channa Striatus) di Lubok "ndadaorglaintauakunganyatau" hahahaha .... solid hook up!! The Scumfrog does the trick for him .. Congratz Capt ..
Meanwhile on a separate occasion & location, ive manage to land a baby Baramensis on Berkley 4" Power Lizard .. ehehe .. Cicak hero me nie ... memajal Baramensis lehnya .. ehehe ..though it was just juvenile size Snakehead .. at least i know the lure works perfectly well for me & also i manage to prove to myself these Snakehead will take on anything & i mean anything ..

***Sorry Capt sal lambat upload .. ehehe .. btw .. the Baramensis hunting took place a week before Ramadhan .. ***

Monday, August 23, 2010

Tahniah shAdeS` kerana berjaya menaikkan ikan Kerisi .. .. hahahaha .. maklumlah .... ahahaha .. Hannnndeeeeellllll!!! Setelah lama ndada update barutah ada update .. ehehehe ... ishhh .. power shAdeS`?? sober x ikan d sungai eh .. ahahahaha .. jgn marah . . posa jua nie .. hahaha

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Prawnstar has finally arrived. Make one yours today. Lure proven to be effective by our local anglers. Email to make your bookings. To all the buyers that have made their purchase, thank you.

Monday, August 16, 2010

M.J hasilku cast masa ptg 2nd day Posa .. Posa x eh ... ikan yg sungkai awal .. hahaha
Another M.J hasil ku casting d spot yg sama kemarin ptg ... Alhamdulillah .. walaupun panas harinya dpt jua di tahan .. ehehehe ..

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Barabmundi tewas lagi

Barab hasil Uad casting d kampung.. Makin menjadi Uad ane.ahaha..makin handel..basar barab mu atu ad.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Salam teman2x pancing sekalian. Abis peramba mewakili teman hamba ingin mengumumkan gewang "PRAWNSTAR" kini boleh di "booking" . Kepada siapa yg berminat dan ingin bertanya warna yg ada ... silalah hantar email kepada bis peramba, . Stock terhad masane ... So dptkan stok selagi masih ada ..
1.) Prawnstar Original = $22
2.) Prawnstar Junior = $20
3.) Prawnstar Shrimp = $18

Whose on Fire??

T.K with his 1st Barra on that day .. huhuhu .. Rapala Shad Rap Fire Tiger did the job!!
Another shot of the elusive Barra .. a 700g specimen
2nd Strike!!!! Again T.K managed to land the Barra on Rapala S.R F.T.This time its a 600g specimen.. ;-) Handeeeellll!!!!
Haven't been behaving aye?that's what happen Barra .. ehehe ..
Hatrick!!!! hahaha .. 800g specimen caught again on Rapala S.R.F.T .. huhuhuhu ...

Gorgeous!!!! You Noty Barra!!!

The Final Barra .. a 1kg mark .. Congratzz T.K ..
Again another shot of the 1kg Barramundi... ;-)
Oh yeah .. A bonus or extra should i say ..A good size Tarpon was landed by T.K ehehe .. So can anyone tell me .. whose on fire?? T.K or Fire Tiger??