Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Jammie oh Jammie!!!

T.K again with his Jack!!! This time he manage to land the Jack on Jammy a.k.a Yozuri Hardcore .. ishhh .. nanti u Jammie ... me bali u nanti tu .. tunggu .. ehehe .. Congratz Bum!!!
***Note: shAdeS & Unc Kermit, sabar ah update tani ah .. i havent manage to transfer the pic yet .. Tunggguuuu ... ***

Jack & Danielsssss ...

Yozuri Crystal Minnow did the trick for T.K as he managed to hook up a good size Jack .. Looking "Sharp" ey T.K .. ehehe .. uh uh uh .. pakai baju Sharp Man Utd nya .. yatah handeeeellll ... ehehe ..
T.K again with his fav. lure .. only this time, just the tot .. Congratz T.K ..!!! Update terus menerus k .. if dpt siaran langsung terus menerus k!!! hahaha ..

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Jack on Rapala Xrap Clown ... Nasci 3000 + 6lb Berkley = Satisfaction!!!! huhuhu .. 7th Alley OpenHouse nie banar!!! hahahaha ...

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

7th Alley Openhouse

T.K killer lure nvr fail him .. He was out at the 7th Alley to test his new 6lb Berkley braided line & match it on his Shimano Nasci 3000 Spinning Reel ..
Ecogear Red Head does the trick too ..

Another shot of the Jack
Handelll!!!! Lure Abg Rock memang ROCK!!! hehehe .. Another solid hook up!!!

Finally, i managed to land Jack these time..It sure feels good to be at 7th alley once again..its been awhile .. =) Was out testing the Prawnstar. And there you go .. a good size Jack. So to my dear friend Tommy, did u hear those Jack's calling for you?? hahahaha ..