Saturday, June 28, 2008

FK & BP ... Ungah Dtg Lagi!!! hahaha
Location: Danau
Bait: Live Shrimp $1 - 6 (Telisai)
Technique: Bottom Fiove shing
Fish Caught: Mangrove Jack a.k.a Ungahzzz!!!
Weight: U judge ... =)
Time: 6-ish a.m

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Damit ja buiiii ... Catch & Release ... Sorry FK sal ndada lurih ..hahahaha ... 2 - 0 (Sembilang nda payah tah)

Friday, June 20, 2008

Aku mana mau rugi ...!!!! Posing mesti hebat dari FKFH bah ... Hahahahaha ...
Fish caught: Kurau
Weight: Roughly a KG or more ..
Location: Danau
Bait: Live Prawn $1 - 6 (Telisai)

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Mls Mo Ckp La Ah ... Hahahaha ...
Amacam???Kerapuness Tewasssss...
Kerapu Kek Batik ku yg catch & terelease .. ( nda kesabaran kerapu ah kan ke air..yatah ia merelease sendiri)
Master H, shAdeS`, Big$ Papa ... Dis is for u guys .. hahahaha!!! Jgn Marah..=p
This was the final catch of the duel!!! Siok eh ...
Anglers: FKFH & TK
Location: KB Breakwater
Technique: Bottom Fishing
Bait: Anchovies ... ;)
Dual Final Result: FK - 5 & TK - 5
Fish Caught: Mangrove Jack & Grouper
***TK leading 4 - 1 masa Half Time.. Then 2nd Half, TK lead again 5 - 1, skalinya.. dah minit2x terakhir .. FK equalize.. 5 -5!!!! Hahahahahaha ... So, DRAW la!!!!****

Bleh lah tahan ... ehehe ...
Tribute to Master H ... Hahahaha
Ciuk eh .. Ungah Pajal ... hahahaha..
Kerapu "KeK BatiK" .. mcm Kek Batik wah .. yatah ku galar tu..
My Final Jack Of The Day!!!!
*** Ani gambar TyCo Kembura saja .. ah .. pas ani ... sapa lagi .. saingannya la c Float King!!!***

Jack The Daniell!!!

Technique: Sagangzzzzzz
Bait: Sapak Udang Milimewah...!!!
Location: KB BreakWater
Fish Caught: Mangrove Jack (Catch & Release)
Weight: 400grams (estimation)
***TyCo KemBuRa Says: Bah maietah challenge sagang Master H!!! hahaha...***

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Angler: Float King Flyin High (aku sendiri jua yg posting)
Catch: Fly StingRay ( Pari Lalat bah..kata dlm cd yg ku liatla..nama pari ani..pari lalat)
Bait: Fresh Anchovy (Pusu)
Technique: Bottom Fishing
Location: KB Breakwater
p/s: To shAdeS` & Big Papa... teriak2x spool ku.. hahahaha ..ucap tah ku ingau ...hahahahahah!!!! Jgn marah ah ....

Friday, June 6, 2008

Geng2 Sekalian,

Currently we are planning to do a Fishing Trip to K.K in August.

Since August is a month away before fasting season and we could save up some cash from now.

Planned trip is on:
27-08-2008 till 30-08-2008 or 31-08-2008
( Please give feedback, sesuai kan inda date atu )

Boat Charge PER HEAD ( MAX 10 PEOPLE ) is :
$BND 100 ( 2 days 1 night FISHING TRIP ) Huge Boat, that can easily fit ten people. Toilet, kitchen, a generous number of bed bunk is available.

Hotel Collection:
BND$ 30 - BND$ 40 ( Subject to Change )

Mode of transpotation:
AIR ASIA ( From MIRI to K.K - K.K to MIRI )

Soon as we arrived in K.K on the 27/08/2008, we will firstly booked a place in Marina Square Apartment for our stay on the 29/08/2008.

Then we will contact the tekong and explain him the type of fishes that we are targeting, the depth of the water, the tips and tricks of fishing on coral reefs and the do and dont's to do on the boat, we will also disscused with him the safety mesurements that we need on the boat ( Life Jacket, Radio, etc )

On the 28/08/2008, we will start our trip. Jigging, Popping, Bottom Bashing & Trolling. terpulang pada citarasa masing2, yang penting enjoy.

we should by right end our trip by 29/08/2008 late afternoon. Then proceed to later check in to Marina Square Apartment to get some rest.

29/08/2008 ( Night ) activity bebas

30/08/2008 or 31/08/2008 ( need feedback bila masa sesuai kan balik ) pasal 01/09/2008 puasa..hehe

Please feedback siapa yang intrested, since without the TEN people crew, this trip would not happend ni..

2. BOY
4. AMIN ( TWIN POWER ) keh keh keh
5. CAPTAIN Hatim

Please contact Pak Wundi for more info @ 8631700