Tuesday, August 31, 2010

T.K is seriously on fire!!! A 1KG mark Mangrove Jack at 7th Alley!!! hahaha .. Seriously peeps.. im beginning to envy these dude!! Bum ... u makin handdeeelll!!! hahaha .. Congratzz!!! "Abg Rock" lure (Shad Rap Fire Tiger) memang ROCK!!! \m/ .. The fish totally ripped off the lure .. hahahaha .. sorry no pics peep ..ergh!!!! i'll be back Bum!!! hahahaha ..
And here's another one of our member who is also on fire!!! ehehe .. ko makin handeeeelll Ad .. hahaha .. to B.P, sabar saja .. monster got away .. keep on trying .. insyallah .. ada tu nanti .. anyway to both of you, get ur gears ready ... ehehehe .. the "HUNT FOR THE MONSTER FISH"date will be announce really2x soon ... ehehehe ...