Wednesday, January 27, 2010

  • TIP #1The zone where slack water meets moving water is the ticket in a river situation, says Hank Steele of the Rapala Fishing Club. "Try any of the smaller size Rapala lures," he says. "Floaters, Jointed, Mini Fat Raps, they all work for a lot of river species. Match them up with thin-diameter line and a light-action rod so you can cast them a decent distance. Look for any kind of current break, and fire your bait across the current so it washes down through the current break. Twitch it and pop it as it swims down through that zone, and those fish will fire out from an ambush position."
  • TIP #2- Whether you’re casting or trolling, when you finish doing your ’precision’ work along the edges of a structural element, consider spending some time fishing deeper basin water near the structure. Again, whether you’re casting or trolling, try to position your lures so they are running at the same depth as the top of the structure. It’s common for fish to slide off the structure and suspend at that depth. Contrary to what we used to believe, these fish are not necessarily dormant! They can be caught. This tendency holds for many species of
  • TIP #3- Purposely force yourself to constantly change things up until you start catching fish, says Rapala’s Mark Fisher. "The worst thing you can do," Fisher says, "is get into a rut. There are many kinds of ruts. A lot of people just fish a certain way every time they go out, and sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. The best way to grow as a fisherman is to try new things. If you keep
  • TIP #4 -Before putting your lures in the water, consider two very important questions, says Rapala Pro James Lindner. "First," he says, "what are the predominant prey species in that system, and how big are they likely to be right now? Second, how clear is the water?" Water clarity plays a big role in determining what lure colors are generally going to be most productive. In clear water, lean toward natural colors like silver, bone, white and brown. In stained water, it’s often good to start with gold, orange, and reds. Shiny silver can be great also. In dark water, fluorescent colors are really king, things like Firetiger patterns and fluorescent chartreuse. But don’t count out high-contrast patterns like red and white or white with other striking colors. Also, no matter what the ’rules’ say, use them only as a starting point. Fish break the rules all the time!
  • TIP #5 -Bang baits off structure and you’ll catch more fish, according to Rapala Pro Dan Sura. "It’s not a new story," he says. "Anglers have been told to ’bump the stump’ for a long time now. But the collision of a bait with a structural element can trigger strikes no matter what it is. Try making your baits contact rocks, weeds, or brush of any kind. A lot of times, as soon as the bait breaks free and starts to swim again, after being temporarily slowed down or stopped,
  • TIP #6 -Consider this retrieve alternative as you try to figure out what will trigger the fish on any given day, offered by the pros at Rapala lures: Slow rolling a bait across the surface, so the lip just barely digs in, keeps the tail wobbling good and stirs up the water. It’s not a common retrieve, and it can really turn fish on. (Hint: cast out, and hold the rod tip high as you do this. It keeps the bait from digging down, and allows you to vary the speed while still keeping the lure in the surface film.)

***Note: Got it from, ( n i fink its really helpful. Good luck trying peeps!!! ***

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Remp-it @Rempayoh

A good size Sebarau caught by none other than Champion Rempayoh a.k.a Awg Jeff!!! Steady org ani eh ... hang yowww!!!

Monday, January 18, 2010


A 2.0KG Snakehead by T.K ... Believe it or not ..this tym its fer real .. huhuhu .. 2.0KG!!!!!Ngam-Ngam toh!!!! His 2nd Dalakzilla .. What a catch to open his 2010 fishing!!!!
SPRO Jr once again prove its value for money .. eh apakan .. ahaha ..
Arghh!!!! Membari ggtan eh .. hahahaha .. T.K ..ko memang HANDELLLL!!!!
Abis SPRO atu leh nya... sampat lagi kami 2 betulihan masa ia strike ..hahahahaha ..
***NOTE: Lunatic .. ah ko punya pasal ne .. mun ko jadi nda c T.K blurih ne .. uhauhauha kes hater la tu .. hahahahha ..anyway .. TAHNIAH T.K !!! ko memang HANDELLL!!!!***

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Hantu Celah Batu

My 1st Grouper ... huhuhu ... Baby Cima lure does the trick for me ..

ishh .. Barab lagi ...

Another Sebarau by Champion Kenapol .. hahaha .. tunggu ah Ad.. aku dtg nie nda g batah .. hahaha .. Chill wah Ad ...
Maju eh c B.P eh .. memang hang nie masane ... Tahniah B.P .. Sengkuang .. im coming soon!!!!!!!

Monday, January 11, 2010

FQFH with her 1st catch .. Tilapia .. ishh ..
2nd catch - Lohan .. me malas .. bagi chan tu .. hahaha . kes nda mau alah bah .. hahaha .. congratz!!! ;-)

***Sorry lambat upload .. anyway abis hutang ah .. Final Result: FKFH: 0 - 2 FQFH ***

Friday, January 8, 2010

Ehem2x .. Barab 1.0KG !!!.. ehehehe .. baru 3x cast strike tia udah .. kai Spoon ja .. hehe .. ikan bisdorang nda g sampat begambar .. asyik dah .. memang lalai lehnya .. hehehe..
Huhu .. gotcha!!!
Lokasi lubok masa aing tuhur .. ishhh .. memang mbri ggtan tampatnya ani .. siuk ehh ..
My 2nd Barab masa 1st day .. nyasal nda majal masa 1st day atu eh .. mun tau hujan .. memang full blast masa 1st day atu .. ehehehe .. ndapa .. ada lagi tu ..
Capt Swordfish feat. Pg. Belida .. atu ya .. ehehe .. masing2x sedang beristirehat di markas .. ehehe
Salah sorang peserta yg nda bulih tinggal ... klu ndada ia ..memang sunyi .. klu ada kedia, nda lagi kdgran suara cengkerik kah , atau apa2x pun yg lam hutan atu .. suara nya saja dpt tani dgr .. hahahaha .. Chill wah Ad!! memang happening klu ya ada ..
Thumbs Up!!! Banar tah eh .. heaven Barab .. caya ku c B.P atu ...
The "Safari Waterfall" ... klu nda banjir .. baby Barab pun yg basar jari leh di siut tu dakat batu atu ah .. hmmm ...
Another shot of the Waterfall .. Really sajuk aingnya .. n refreshing!!!
Ishhh .. tunggu ya "Monster" atu ..
Absolute peace .. this pic was taken after the flashflood ... too bad the water kabut brabis and luan bangat ...
Salah sorang peserta yg memang tahan lasak jua .. hahaha .. Big Papa!!! Beg bekalan nya atu ..awu ..mun 30KG ada yg d sikutnya ah ..
Menunggu kana ambil balik tym ani nie .. baru kluar jua .. memang mengalihkan tp kepuasaannya nada bandingan .. We'll be back soon ... Next trip insyallah .. We're gonna tame those "MONSTER TANGAS" who manage to free itself from Capt.Swordfish & Big Papa .. (patah lai Kili2x kawan ku) ehehe ..awas ko ah!!!ehehe... Insyallah ..

1st Snakehead of the year .. Scumfy did it again .. ehehe
Solid!!! ;-) Nowhere to run ..
Close-up ... The Scumfy family nvr fail to nail em .. ;-)

Thursday, January 7, 2010

1.0Kg Snakehead on the 02/01/10 .. huhuhu ... Lunatic ..Scumfrog punya pukulan tu .. hahahaha..
Memang ganas .. tp kecundang jua Snakehead ani leh Scumfrog .. huhuhu ..

Mana mau rugi!!!! hahahahaha ... ko memang handeellllll ....
***Gambar Snakehead 01/01/10 .. nantikan di next epdisode .. ehehehe.. ***

Kompom Happy kawanku!!! ehehe .. 2 ekor Barab leh c B.P cast di Sengkuang .. Pembuka tirai 2010!!! Tahniah B.P ...
Ani lagi sorang kawan kami yg memang CHILL ... hahaha .. Champion Kenapol a.k.a Fuad .. sama jua lokasi nya sama c B.P .. di Sengkuang .. 2ekong sorang ni .. ishhh .. ndapa .. sabar!!! ehehe .. Tahniah Champion Kenapol ...

***Note: Sorry lambar upload peeps .. masalah technical yg nda dpt di elakkan .. anyway .. more to come .. ***