Monday, April 21, 2008

Its Friday at last, so came the anticipated trip that we have waited after a whole week wagering and trying to just play along with our own daily routine jobs. Its time to escape the madness, enough said.

So we did arrived at the depature hall at 16:30hrs (Eisyehh...sounds like an airport plak.) Everyone is busy doing their own last minute checklist while waiting for the boat to arrive. The intensity was there in the air since our newest Kaki (member) has decided to step in to join for the first time. Amali a.k.a Malibu has recently been thrilled about our past stories of snapped lines and pure drag out moments. So another victim in the making, looks like we have another regular for our weekend escape trip :)

So the boat arrived at 1730hrs, as usual. We unload everything on the boat, gears, roti kacang hitam, a full load of mineral water etc. We did however managed to persuade Govener Gaban (Boy) to join in for the trip DESPITE of his dislocated kneecap, since neither one of us dare to go without him present. He's kinda like our guru in a way and our insurance officer... hahahah

So here are some of the pics that we took:

One of those amazing breath out moments :)

The rest of the guys.

Left to Right: Ramon a.k.a The Lawas Hooligan, Malibu & Pak Wundi

The guys enjoying the Ride UP FRONT

Standing: Dunieeh (The Crftman), Govener Gaban (Trolling for Mackerels) and Hj (our senior popper)
Sitting: Duo and Pak Wundi

When we finally reached to our remote hideout destination, the moon was up, guess what...a full moon up above and we were mainly equipped with popping rods. ( hahahah), as predicted, we did not caught any travelly's for the first two hours. Its seems that the myth behind a full moon is actually true. Duo started to jig himself down to a good workout sweat since he's G.Loomis Pelagic Rod is meant for popping and for jigging, the rest of the guys were working intensively doing all kind of manoeuvre popping just to provoke a bite. On the other hand, Malibu (Amali) is experiencing the ON/OFF bitter taste of seasick.

Suddenly during the commotion, Govener Gaban rod tip was bending like crazy, "Ahh...Ahh.. kana..kana...." everyone was awaken by this sweet yet intense call. After a few minutes of pumping action and adjusting the drag setting here and there, an average Big Eyed Travelly was drifted towards our boat. Soon afat that, everyone was on the lookout. Poppers starts to flying here and there towards an identified spot told by Govener Gaban.

Suddenly Pak Wundi was next. A long yet subtle screech was heard from the reel that he is holding on tight to, "GT...GT...GT...." while grasping to adjust the drag setting. Judging from the rod bent and the intensity of the drag. Everyone was eager to see how big was this GT since the look from Pak Wundi face is quite dramatic and scared at the same moment.

Haha, to our surprise, its was actually a "NOT SO HUGE" big eyed travelly caught, the reason of the insanely fight was the treble hook was caught on the tail, that's why it went berserk and had no restricted movement for the initial first sprint. Total luck i guess.

After that, the activity seems to be really (battery dead) low. The moon was up high, glowing as if it was a torch. Not a GT on sight, a few Big eyed travelly's were caught by Ramon (1), Malibu (1), (despite the seasick), Duo (1), Pak Wundi (1) and Govener Gaban amazingly did caught 4. And this is after countless hours of popping and bottom fishing.

Altough with weekend trip is not what we have expected with some few misses with a couple of poppers stripped off, nevertheless we did managed to show Malibu and Ramon a first hand chance to experience it all. We will still hunt for that dream size GT.. what ever the circumstances are. Got moon or no moon...