Friday, April 18, 2008

Tip Pancing Laut

When boating through the open water, always keep an eye out for keys that may indicate a school of fish. First, if you ever see birds that are feeding on small bait fish, there are bound to be large game fish below the surface. Second, look for any floating debris. Nearly everytime you encounter a floating piece of wood that is fairly large, you'll find large game fish in the area. Many fishermen think that they should catch their live bait over the shallow reefs before heading out to the deeper water to fish for the larger species. If you can't catch your live bait in the area where you are planning on fishing, then what makes you think that the large game fish would be in that area? Afterall, they will be feeding in the areas where there are lots of bait fish.

p/s: sabar kamu semua.. ada ku juin nanti tu..walaupun kamu nda mau bawa aku!!! hahaha...;)