Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Papa don't preach ..

After so long B.P's been very quiet, finally he came out with a 700+grams Snakehead!! Huhuhuh .. Congratz B.P ..
Close up shot of both d fish & lure.
Seriously i'll be getting these soon .. hahaha .. memang bising nie lure satu ani .. huhuhuhuhu .. btw shAdeS` .. mana update mu ah??? jadi kah??


Unknown said...

I found your blog on google and decided to check it out!.
I love the posts and like that you have plenty of pics.
I will be coming back more often.

Please check out my blog too if you get chance.

Its quite new, but I hope to be posting regularly and have some good content.
Thanks for reading my comment.

Dubai Fishing said...

Congratulations!You caught the snake head fish.I have never tried this artificial lures as i was thinking that it was not so useful but now i would like to use this lures. Can you tell me where can i get it?Thank you..

Fishing Blog said...

Cyber Frog! That thing looks crazy!

Anonymous said...

fishing is one of my favorite hobby