Sunday, January 16, 2011

2011 - It's been awhile ... =)

T.K & his Jack .. seriously those Jack's simply cant resist him .. ehehe

Another Jack on Rapala SR ..=) see what i mean ... ehehehe .. handeeeeellll!!!! ehehehe

Anyhow, just wanna wish everyone a Happy New Year!!! sorry havent been updating since been caught up with tons of work .. after all my laptop pun rosak jua udah .. who cares anyway .. ehehe .. yeah .. again .. i will try my best to update d blog as updated as i can .. to tuan punya ikan .. rajin2x la email, tag, mms .. watever means la ok .. ehehe .. to shAdeS`bah jadi ko ah?? nda jua da update .. dah jua ku bari access .. ehehe .. last but now least, to all anglers, viewers, followers, etc, stay tuned with us .. will try our best to update d blog!!! =) Happy fishing season 2011 peeps!!!!