Monday, August 2, 2010

Whose on Fire??

T.K with his 1st Barra on that day .. huhuhu .. Rapala Shad Rap Fire Tiger did the job!!
Another shot of the elusive Barra .. a 700g specimen
2nd Strike!!!! Again T.K managed to land the Barra on Rapala S.R F.T.This time its a 600g specimen.. ;-) Handeeeellll!!!!
Haven't been behaving aye?that's what happen Barra .. ehehe ..
Hatrick!!!! hahaha .. 800g specimen caught again on Rapala S.R.F.T .. huhuhuhu ...

Gorgeous!!!! You Noty Barra!!!

The Final Barra .. a 1kg mark .. Congratzz T.K ..
Again another shot of the 1kg Barramundi... ;-)
Oh yeah .. A bonus or extra should i say ..A good size Tarpon was landed by T.K ehehe .. So can anyone tell me .. whose on fire?? T.K or Fire Tiger??