Wednesday, September 16, 2009

These are the pic of the 2nd croc that was caught di Loji KB ... A 12 ft "Female" Croc as claim by the victim close......... well now used to be colleague.. Kata durang, there were 3 Croc involve in the incident. This is one of the accomplice ... ( buaya yg ikut ikut bersubahat.. ;-) ) .. and it is believed that the "MasterMind" is still at large.

Rumours had it that the shaman a.k.a Pawang Buaya did communicate with
"The Guardian" (Penunggu nya org kitanie .. =p )of the area. It is believed that the fishing net (Rambat/Jala) is tangled around the victim body and is in the Croc "hideout" .. a.k.a Lubok ..Subhanallah!!! Some even claim that the shaman manage to communicate with the spirit of the victim and told him the same thing about being in the "Croc Hideout" ... (erk ...ok that's just too much!!! ..seriously!!!???)

Macam2x lagi lah sebenarnya cerita yg boleh di dgr ... I'll let u be the judge!!! Not a believer, nor a skeptic. Anda fikirkan lah ... ;) Anyway, again pls be more careful to all Anglers, Perambaters, Prawners, Swimmers etc .. while carrying out ur activity...
One of the accomplice ... after kana dissected, they discovered carcass of a monkey .. erkkk ..scary tho ...