Monday, May 5, 2008


Name: Gavernor Gaban & Pak Wundi
Catch: A Couple of Sweet Trevy's & some Big Eye Trevy's
Rod: Lemax Grand Tournament & Carpenter Black Current Series
Reel: Biomaster 8000 PG & 8000 PG SW
Line: Direct 65lbs Tuff Line & Berkley Whiplash 65lbs
Technique: Popping
Date: NEW MOON!!!

Ada Sesiapa yang berminat untuk Join Mentest Power joran, kekuatan Spool dan Pingang awda dengan hentaman G.T dan Languran? sila hubungi Pak Wahoo, Gavernor Gaban and Pak Wundi untuk mengetahui keterangan yang lebih lanjut, di mana awda boleh join in dengan frenzy ini!!! Just join in the Chat Box

* The Team will not be Responsible for any Broken Rods, Snapped Lines, Straight Treble Hooks, a Burn out Reel, a Sore Back Ache and A Big Bad Ass Momma Giant Trevally. (WARNING: this is highly ADDICTIVE, Children under 18 years old, please seek parental guidance, Guys over 30 years old, please ask your wife!)